when something is better than nothing 

The world is a scary place today. Our leaders and “leaders” don’t seem to be afraid but I am. Every time something like the horrific terrorist event at Charlottesville happens we say never again. I post pictures, say a prayer and press like on the hashtags.

But it doesn’t change anything.

There are amazing people who are working to change our world. One of those organisations is the Southern Law Poverty Centre.

 These are good people and wildly underfunded.

Organisations like this are the ones that will save us. I don’t feel hyperbolic about this. We are in danger, and if you are a POC, queer, a woman, disabled, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or anything that isn’t what the alt.right class as acceptable, that goes double for you.

So, what can I do? Money is tight to say the least. I’d love to just donate £1000 to the SPLC but I can’t.

So. This is what I’m doing.

My entire collection, minus those I have already opened or marked for giveaways. 68. Spread out they nearly cover a super king bed.

Please take a minute to visit my page here.

I am asking for £5 per raffle entry. I’ll cover shipping, wherever you are. Over the next few days I’ll take some better photos. Sixty eight. Jesus.

If you don’t want to enter, awesome! If you could donate £1 that would be also awesome. If you don’t want to register via the site let me know and we can work something out via PayPal.

If you can, please share this. I cried packing up my collection, that’s how much I love them. But I am fine to let them go if we raise money and do our little thing to stop the hate growing. It’s a fire and it’s out of control. I can’t bear the idea of losing them and raising no money. So please, share where you can.

Love, K x

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