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answering questions makes me feel important – the camping edition

The internet is super weird, dudes. (I don’t mean the actual infrastructure, although that’s really weird and also, taking care of it is my like, life choice career so if you have questions about that, hit me up.)

What was I saying. Oh, yeah! So, weirdly, people ask me questions… like I’m the sort of person who has her shit together and isn’t currently lying naked in bed eating sugar snap peas and watching my Best Of Hannah Hart YouTube playlist.

do you die?

Seeing as I am working on special and hard things right now I thought I would answer some of these questions! For a cheerful change!

“Do you know anything about camping skincare? It all goes crazy in here: spots, redness, puffy eyes, cream goes on weird…”

Yes! My advice is, don’t go camping.

this WILL happen to you

I have been camping twice, under extreme duress. It was unpleasant, not just for me but everyone around me because I was so, so, deeply awful. I just think we worked very hard, as people, to evolve to a state where we don’t sleep on the ground outside. So why go back to that? It’s backwards. Also, cannibals will get you.

fuck you rtd, also i love you ianto jones

But if you HAVE TO go camping this is what I would do.

1. SPF the fuck out of your face. Cos camping happens outside and that’s where the sun lives. The more you know.

2. Make sure you use clean water to double cleanse your face. If water is low, well, one of your companions needs to take one for the team and die of thirst. Sorry. 

3. Yeah, double cleaning. Cos the outside is gross and you’re gonna be gross and sweaty. Plus you’re sunscreening, yes? Yeah you are.

4. Oh my god I hate being sweaty. Bring a mist or some canned water to spritz your face and if people laugh at your basic bitchery, make sure they sleep closest to the tent flaps so the cannibals get them first.

5. Insect repellent will fuck your face up. When you’re camping, so many things want to eat your face! I really like this, it makes you nice and soft and really repells insects without smelling like Agent Orange.

avon original skin so soft dry oil. currently better than half price on at £2.25!

I hope this is helpful and I hope nothing eats you.